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Palm Beach Pillow


Palm Beach Designer Fabrics offers the finest selection of classic and modern throw pillows. Perfect for redecorating or creating your unique space.


We use only the finest, premium down-proof fabrics and top grade down. In addition to stunning indoor pillows, we also have a variety of outdoor pillows that will enhance your garden, patios or terraces.


Designed to provide support and comfort, but also to decorate and finish the look for any bed or seating area. Our pillows are made with the most exquisite fabrics with endless pattern options. Fabrics inspired by nature with flowers, tropical motifs, birds, fish and other natural elements. We also have contemporary and clean looks, with graphic lines, neutral or bright colors, graphic prints, various shapes and textures.


The variety of colors are endless from stunning royal and French blues, to dreamy greens that can enrich and evoke freshness and calmness. Warm tones such as reds, pinks and oranges can create a statement in your space. Neutrals, grays and classical whites help balance and brighten your favorite furnishings.


For classic spaces we offer toile fabrics and timeless designs to create a luxurious and elegant looks.


Palm Beach Designer Fabric is proud to be one of the top Palm Beach pillow stores.

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