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Lighting Stores West Palm Beach


Lighting is an important element of your interior design. It is fundamental to have the right lighting to not only provide the right mood but also to complement your home decor.


We offer a huge selection of exclusive lighting brand options. Each piece is thoroughly researched and hand selected from the best vendors the design market has to offer.


Our selection of table lamps are great for your side table, nightstand or console. Add two on each side to add balance or offset them to create your own unique look.


Floor lamps are great to add height to a space. We have a variety of finishes such as brass, ceramic, lucite, silver, gold, and much more.


We also offer statement ceiling fixture that will become the statement piece of your space. Our chandeliers are made of unique materials and a variety of styles. You’re sure to find the perfect piece for any space in your home and/or business.


Palm Beach Designer Fabric is proud to be one of the top lighting stores in West Palm Beach.

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