Blaire Peony Bouquet Flower



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The lovely peonies flowers are made of fine silk cloth with green leaves and sturdy plastic stems. They have a wire rod inner for support. Flowers are natural-looking for a very impressive realistic appearance. PERFECT FOR Decor and WEDDING Bouquet. Great for general home, business decor, wedding receptions, and bridal bouquet. These add beautiful natural color and energy to any environment.

You don’t have to water or prune this rose. The blooms look lovely and perfect every day of the year. Easy to clean with a dust cloth or blower. Stems bend easily to get just the arrangement you want. Folding all flower heads towards outside to make it look bigger and blooming, Folding the flower stalk to 90 degrees to match the vase height.

A sweet mix of lush pink and cream peony cuttings placed in a round, clear glass vase with faux water and natural stones.
10 W X 9 H X 10 D (in)


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