Clam Shell Bowl


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Length: 12.50 in.
Width: 21.00 in.
Height: 9.25 in.

Made of Plaster


This White Clam Shell, also known as Tridacna gigas, would make a wonderful addition to any beach or seashore decor home. Tridacna Gigas is hand-painted, hand-cast from a real giant clamshell mold; the clamshell is oven-fired from ultra-hard plaster.


This Clam Shell has Beautiful Grey and White Coloring, features realistic-looking barnacles cast on the outside of the shell and look and feel just like a genuine giant clam shell from a giant clam! The giant clam shell bowl has been misunderstood in times past as if often the case with uncharacteristically large species.


The clamshell is shown alone and as a planter so that you might see the colossal scale and dimension of this giant shell. The design makes a useful and compact addition to any lounge room, as a contemporary space-saving accent piece that has been cleverly crafted for small, medium or large spaces.


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